Just 4 Kids Consignment Sale

Happy Tagging!

If you have ever sorted at the end of one of our events, you know the overwhelming task that it is.  For those consignors who have a significant amount left over, it creates additional hours of manpower.  We usually have to send out emails during the event to ask for extra help on Friday.  There never seems to be enough hands on deck.  We strongly encourage any consignor who consigns more than $1,500, to sort on Friday.  We plan to make this mandatory if we can't get enough volunteers.

Remember, double credit is already given for some shifts on Friday.  It is a flexible time slot (just work any three hours that you can.)  Of course, we realize that many consignors are also working mothers who can't get away.  If this is the case for you, please let us know.  We will be reviewing inventory and volunteer sign ups to ensure that our system is fair to all who participate.  It is not fair for volunteers on Friday to work above and beyond for a few consignors who are making the most money.  We ask everyone who can work, to work before, during, or after the event in some capacity.  Besides the obvious benefit of running a smooth, organized event, volunteers have a more clear idea of how important accurate, properly printed tags are, properly labeled bins, prompt workers, prompt delivery of post cards, diligent workers on the sales floor, accurate cashiers...  We simply can't do it without you.  And as we continue to grow, our volunteers must grow with us.  As always, thank you for working with Just 4 Kids.

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