Just 4 Kids Consignment Sale

Happy Tagging!

Drop off information:

Consignors will: 
  • Check-in.
  • Bring items sorted: by gender, by size, by like bins, labeled by consignor number.
  • You will put all of your merchandise out on the floor in the correct locations so please allow 30 minutes to an hour for your drop off.
  • Leave 1 bin per 100 items brought.  Your bins must be large plastic totes labeled with your consignor number (no lid).

Volunteers will check for:
  • Stains 
  • Out of Season 
  • Disrepair 
  • Old Clothing 
  • More than the Limit Allowed in Infant Clothing (25) and Shoes (20)
  • Unaccepted Items 
  • Items Missing Pieces 
  • Items Not Tagged or Hung Correctly

If a consignor has more than a few items deemed inappropriate, she/he could be limited in future events.  To save our time and yours, please read all requirements and if you aren't sure, email us.

Pick up information:

  • You may NOT pick up early ... no exceptions.
  • Come in the double doors under the canopy and a volunteer will help you locate your bin(s) of unsold items.
  • Check the Lost & Found table for any of your items that may have lost their tag.
  • Take all unsold items to you car.
  • Come in the single door (not under the canopy) to pick up your check.  Checks will only be given to the addressee(s).
  • If you have a conflict, you may send a friend, husband, or fellow consignor to pick up for you but we will not allow them to have your check.  It will be mailed.
  • If you do not pick your unsold items up during the designated time slot, they will be donated and can not be retrieved.  We will try to save your bin(s) but will not guarantee it.

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