Just 4 Kids Consignment Sale

Happy Tagging!

This is how to make the most money with Just 4 Kids:

CONSIGN - earn 65% of your sales!
VOLUNTEER - earn 75% - 85% of you
r sales!
REFER - consignor fee waived!
PROMOTE - spread the word to sell more!

Do this:

  • Register & pay non-refundable consignor fee (only $9) via PayPal.
  • Enter items in our online inventory system by the deadline (2pm on Sunday of drop off).
  • NEW! Print tags on cardstock only: use white if you ARE NOT donating, use colored cardstock if you ARE donating.
  • Attach tag so that it doesn't create a hole.
  • Use safety pins or zip ties.
  • Price items in $0.50 increments starting at $1.00.
  • Check the quality of your merchandise.
  • Sell only your best 25 items per gender in the 0-24 month range (space is limited).
  • Sell only your best 20 pairs of shoes.
  • Put socks in a clear bag.
  • Secure shoes as a pair.
  • Secure all small parts.
  • Put linens in a clear bag.
  • Include batteries.
  • Always choose the smaller size when entering and hanging clothing.
  • Carefully read the drop off and pick up information.
  • Hang and tag all clothing as shown:

Not that:

  • Use regular, scrapbook, or textured paper.
  • Use tags from other sales.
  • Use straight pins or clothes pins.
  • Sell items that are torn, broken, stained, out of season or style.
  • Sell potty seats, diapers, diaper disposal systems, underwear, formula, toiletries, nursing pads, breast pumps, bathtubs, car seats (NEW), humidifiers, VHS, maternity clothes, women's clothing, cribs, stuffed animals, car seats, or recalled items.

*Note:  We DO accept teen/junior clothing.  We ask that in this size range, you only bring good quality, excellent condition, name brand clothing.  Please DO NOT bring women's clothing.

Volunteers will be monitoring the quality of your merchandise.  They will pull items that are unacceptable.  These items will be left unsorted at the end of the sale.

We often get duplicate items so make your items attractive and priced to sell.

Busy Moms Tagging Service

Don't have time to tag your items?  We offer a Busy Moms Tagging Service!